Friday, October 21, 2011

Resources for Teaching Teens Biblical Sexuality

In July 2011, I wrote Training Our Teens in Biblical Sexuality, Part One: The What and the Why
In October 2011, I followed that up with Part Two: The When and the How 

If you haven't had a chance to read them yet, please check them out.  I'd love to hear what you think (feel free to comment here or over on the Modern Alternative Mama blog).

At the end of part two, I offered a list of resources to help you learn more.  This is that list.

Is this a huge list?  Yes.  Is it all worth reading?  Yes, if you're anything like me.  If you're not a "reader" or prefer to read less rather than more, then probably not.  Do you have to read everything here?  No.

I've starred* a few resources in each category that I have found most helpful, as well as given a small overview of each resource so you know what it's about. I've broken the entire list down into categories; some books are for parents to read, some are for teens to read, some are best if parents read first and then give to the teen and set aside time for a discussion either as the teen reads the book, or after he's finished (I use the pronoun he, as well as him and his to indicate a teen of either sex.  Unless specifically noted, the non-fiction teen books are appropriate for both young men and young women.).

Please comment with any questions or to give your own list of resources.  Mine is by no means all-inclusive - these are simply the things I've read/watched/heard over the years and found to be very useful in developing my plan to train my children to understand and follow the path of Biblical Purity and Sexuality.

  1. Fiction Books for pre-teens/teens.
    Unfortunately, I've found very little in this category that is aimed at young men.  Whether that's because boys tend to be less willing to read than girls, or for some other reason, I don't know.  However, I will say that what I've recommended here - while written from a female perspective - could be shared with boys.
  2. Books for Parents on Parenting and/or Dealing with kids/teens and sexuality:

Links for Teaching Teens Biblical Sexuality

Just a giant list of links.  Fairly self-explanatory.  Please comment if you find things I can add!